Wilcke, Allen LeRoy

Wilcke, Allen LeRoy

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I regret not having been a part of our 50th reunion but appreciate being kept informed about 1962 Harding's own.  I was a part of our class for only two years but remember those years fondly and envy what many of you have and may even take for granted, that is, your roots together in elementary school, junior high, high school, and in St. Paul.  I've enjoyed moving around both as a child and later on but never the less envy what you had, and for some, continue to have together.

Further to 1962 Harding's elementary roots, you might get a kick out of taking note that some of those roots are thin indeed.  Attached is a picture of one root.  This photo (C11 1955) is of the upper grade class at CXI, AKA Corn Valley, a rural consolidated school that existed for only 11 years 3 miles north of Stafford, Kansas.  CXI accommodated grades 1 - 8 in two rooms, upper grade and lower grade.   I attended CXI (Consolidated Eleven) for 5 years following which I went to 9th and 10th grade in the small town of Stafford prior to moving to St. Paul.  I suppose, since the name Al or Allen is somewhat hard to remember, that's what prompted some of you to simply call me "Kansas."   "Kansas," however, must be a label applied to others from the hinter land as my brother Bob recalls having been similarly labeled.  Some of you may remember Bob who was a year younger and played halfback for Harding when we were seniors.  He is in the bottom row, 4th from the left.  I'm in the third row, second from the left.

Also attached is a picture of the CXI 8th grade graduation.  I'm one of the 4 graduates and am 4th from the left.

For what it's worth, I moved to Sioux Falls upon graduation from the U of M and then, after a brief stop in Atlanta, Georgia, moved back home to Alberta, Canada, where I was born and lived for 9 months prior to moving to the USA, North Dakota to be specific,  with my American parents.  Peggy, a Humboldt grad, and I lived in the Edmonton area for 4 years and have since 1974 lived in or near the Rockies in Southern Alberta.  We currently reside an hour south of Calgary in Claresholm.

In recent years Peggy's immediate family members have all passed away.  As I have no relatives there, I have had no contact with St. Paul other than through what I read.  Lately I discovered John Sandford, AKA John Camp, a Pulitzer prize winning journalist from the Twin Cities.  His "Prey" novels contain many references to the Cities including St. Paul.  One of the more recent novels even had a sting operation take place in a rental house on Margaret street not far I guess, according to the Harding Reunion directory, from where Tom Wentz and Susan Jahn (Reck) live now.  Other authors that bring me back to the Minnesota area are Chuck Logan, William Kent Krueger, Sigurd F. Olson, and, of course, Garrison Keillor.  So you see why I must say, "thanks for your thoughtful consideration hard work Lee and the many others who have had a part in bringing my attention and memory back to Harding.  It has been a great joy and a thrill.  Perhaps some day I'll be able to meet some of you in person once again.

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CXI 8th Grade Graduation
C11, 1955